E​liana Homes

414 - 301 - 4709
Oak Creek
Mt. Pleasant


Gayle is the founder, owner, heart and soul of Eliana Homes. She has organized the homes with the clients best interest in mind from day one and continues to do so as the company has grown!  Her compassion is what makes her loved by all clients and is what sets Eliana Homes apart.
​Favorite Activity: Bible Studies

Bryan is the Assistant Administrator. He takes care of payroll, human resources, oversees transport and maintainance, investigative services, and supervises all staff for Eliana Homes.  Bryan is known as the "fireman" and is the go-to problem solver!
Favorite Activity:  Strategy Games


Jodi is the Head Manager for Eliana Homes. Jodi loves the smaller AFH so she can build closer relationships with the residents. She truly has a passion for providing care for each and every resident for Elaina for the last 7 years!

Favorite activity:  Reading