E​liana Homes

414 - 301 - 4709
Oak Creek
Mt. Pleasant

Hours Available

6am - 6pm (Days)
6pm - 6am (Nights)

Our employees can choose between two 12 hour shifts. We run "baylor" shifts so our employees can put their time in with our clients and be able to take advantage of more days off a week to recharge their hearts and minds.

Applicants: Please specify which shift(s) you would be interested in on your application!

How to Apply

Eliana Homes Application
Please click the links to the left and complete our Application and Background Information Disclosure form. Ensure you have thouroughly completed each form. Once completed, please email both documents to [email protected]

If you are having trouble filling out the forms, please call 414-301-4709 for secondary instructions. 
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